15 Magic Formula investment ideas in Europe

If you found this article you are most likely looking for a stock screener that can help you find Magic Formula investment ideas in Europe.

If so you have found what you are looking for.

Here is a quick summary of what the Magic Formula investment strategy is all about.


What the Magic Formula is all about

The Magic Formula investment strategy was explained in the excellent book by Joel Greenblatt called “The little book that still beats the market”.

It identifies good quality companies that are trading at an attractive price.

It does this by looking for companies with a high earnings yield (companies are undervalued) and a high return on invested capital (ROIC) (quality companies).


European Magic Formula companies

As most of the writing on the internet is focused on Magic Formula investing companies in the USA I thought you will be interested in a few Magic Formula investing ideas in Europe.


What the screen looks like

To find Magic Formula investing companies using the screener I did the following:

  • First select the top 20% Magic Formula companies.
  • Under Countries select Europe, Scandinavia, the UK and Switzerland.
  • To make sure the companies have high enough volume for you to invest I selected companies with an average daily traded value of €100,000.
  • Lastly I only included companies with a market value of more than €50 million.


This is what the completed screen looks like:


Click image to enlarge
Source: Quant-Investing


Here are the top 15 Magic Formula companies the screen came up with:


Click image to enlarge
Source: Quant-Investing


But the Magic Formula can be substantially improved

In the research paper Quantitative Value Investing in Europe: What Works for Achieving Alpha we found that you can substantially improve the performance of the Magic Formula by adding momentum to the screen.

You can read about the back test we did to test the Magic Formula investing strategy with momentum here: Magic Formula and 6m momentum

To add momentum to the screen all you have to do is select the 30% of companies with the best 6 month share price momentum (Price Index 6m).

This is what the screen looks like:


Click image to enlarge
Source: Quant-Investing


Here are the top 15 Magic Formula investing companies with positive momentum:


Click image to enlarge
Source: Quant-Investing


I hope you the screen has given you a few interesting investment ideas to research further.


Wishing you profitable investing



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